The TransUnion Credit Reporting Agency

The TransUnion Credit Reporting Agency

Credit reporting and Credit scoring is a well established model by credit bureaus to award credit score to consumers based on their creditworthiness. The same credit reporting and credit score model is used by lenders in awarding the credit to consumers. The credit report provides historical information on a consumers  such as bill payment history, current loans, available credit and any negative remarks on consumer file etc. The report also provides on person's profession, where he works, past residence or any public records.
There are three consumer reporting agencies (CRA) in America constantly monitoring consumer actions and documenting on them consumer files. The business goal of CRA is to document consumer information and then sell it to lenders or creditors for lending money to customers. They also sell information to employers and other business which require a insight to your credit file before making a decision. However in this blog post I am only going to list informative facts and details about the TransUnion credit agency

About TransUnion Credit Bureau

The Transunion is a global leader in providing credit information on consumers to business, and lenders. The proprietary knowledge base helps TransUnion to manage credit information about consumers, then analyze, verify, and score each consumer on creditworthiness scale. There work on consumer files help business across globe in building sound economies and lowering the financial risks. The TransUnion core competence is two fold. Helping Business to manage their risks and customer relationship. Helping customers to understand and manage credit.

TransUnion Company Facts Company history, business practice and leadership involved

Type Description
Origin (Founded)  Year  1968
Industry  Consumer Information Management, Business Services
Company status   Private
Headquarters(Address)  555 West Adams Street, Chicago, IL 60661, United States
Phone   312-985-2000
Product & Services  Information service, International service, and Consumer services  
  • Mr. James M. Peck (CEO)
  • Mr. Samuel Allen Hamood (CFO) and Executive Vice President
Newsroom   More information on company
Credit Reports Transunion Credit Report link

Over the years TransUnion has perfected their business model and moved to consumer information system handling in US to Asia and Latin America. Today TransUnion is considered a business leader in its space providing help to business of any size on strengthening solid finance to reduce consumer fraud and reduce risky business investment. The current business structure is divided into three categories Such as "Information Management", "International business" and Information Consumer Management".
  • Consumer Service
    • Credit Reporting & Services
    • Credit Monitoring Services
    • Fraud and Identity Theft Services
    • Consumer Credit Education
    • Consumer Credit Solutions for Business Partners
  • International Services
    • Credit Reporting
    • Automotive Information Services
    • Analytic and Decision Services
    • Commercial Services
    • Consumer Services
  • International Services
    • Credit Reporting
    • Portfolio Management
    • Acquisition and Retention
    • Collections and Location Services
    • Fraud and Identity Management
    • Compliance
    • Small Business Lending
    • Income and Debt Analysis
    • Risk-Based Pricing Solutions
    • Auto Lending
    • Fraud Response Activities

Read more on Transunion Company and line of business. All About TransUnion.

Consumers also visit TransUnion to check on their credit reports. Either they need credit report for their understanding, or fixing errors on credit report. Going through credit report helps consumers to understand what factors increase or decrease the chances of being attractive to lenders for any kind of credit request. Learn more on credit report and how to get one from TransUnion. All About TransUnion Credit Reporting Agency

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