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Online Credit Cards 101 - Apply Online for Credit cards

These days applying for Credit Cards has become very easy. You search for best card, apply online by providing your personal, work information and decision on your credit request is available in less then 90 seconds. Sounds so sweet but wait before you apply for credit cards a sanity check should be made  on your requirements, what credit score you have and what type of credit card you require.

Pre steps to Applying Online Credit Cards

  • First you need to check your credit score. Your credit score coupled with other requirements will qualify you for the best online credit card deal.

  • Next step is to check your credit history and see if information on your credit file is correct. Although this step is optional but a required one during big loan request such as Mortgage, Auto loan or home line of credit.

  • Once the above checks are done then decide on what type of credit card you need. Are you first timer? Depending upon your credit score and credit life you will qualify for debit, prepaid and introductory credit cards.

  • In case you already have credit cards and are looking for low interest credit cards or balance transfer credit cards , the offer will require your credit score to be at least be in good category.

  • If you are looking for balance transfer credit cards than you need to focus on what is the introductory APR or zero percent financing for how many months. what will be the rate after initial period is over. Will there be any account charges or annual fees associated with it. How much they charge for one time balance transfer.

  • The other options are what premium credit cards are giving cash back, points, travel upgrades etc. These type of credit cards are offered to customers with excellent credit score.

Online Credit Card from American Express

American Express offers many types of Credit Cards such as Prepaid Cards, Charge cards, Miles card, Costco and retail cards, and general purpose cards in the category of Gold and Platinum. These cards offering are for every type of consumers such as people looking for ways to improve credit score, earn cash back , points or free travel upgrade etc. There is wide variety of cards available for small business owners to leverage on cash back and generous points available on required spending in first three month of card use.

American Express Prepaid Serve Credit Card Review 2015

Here is the review of Prepaid cards from American Express. Please note Prepaid cards are just like Credit Cards which you can use at stores and at any business. The only difference is that on Charge cards you can't carry balance and all amount needs to be paid by due date.
For more details on American Serve Card for everyone. Read more.

American Express Charge Card Review 2015

Apart from offering Prepaid cards to consumers, the AMEX also offers Charge credit cards to customers worldwide. The Charge cards are same as Credit cards except the balance can't be rollover to next billing cycle. The account must be paid full when statement is issues to customer. The key thing is 'pay is full' by due date. Currently American Express is offering four types of charge credit cards: American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card, American Express Platinum Card, American Express Green Card, American Express Gold Card. Here is the review for each of these cards offered by AMEX.

The AMEX Blue Card is great way to start using credit cards, the card comes with 0% introductory APR and for balance transfer for first 18 months. Moving your high APR balance to Blue Card is a good option. The Blue Card also comes with added benefits such as no annual fees, cash back, and other benefits such as roadside assistance, shopping and entertainment deals for card holders.

  • Balance Transfer details
  • $5 or 3% charges on your balance transfer. Most likely you will get charges 3% as very few will move few hundred dollar to new card.
  • $5 or 3% on Cash advances taken on Blue Card
  • 2.7% charge on each foreign transaction converted to US dollar.
  • Penalty of $38 for returned and missed payments.
  • As long payment is made before due date no interest is charged.
  • Blue Cash Everyday Credit Card Features
  • Available as 0% APR and Balance transfer
  • Offer available for first 15 months
  • After introduction offer, rates are from 12.99% to 21.99%
  • $50 cash back when card holder spends first $1000
  • Earn cash back , which can be redeemed as cash towards purchases or pay for the monthly bill.
  • Card holders are eligible for one year of Amazon Prime, if they spend $1000 in first three months.
  • APR for cash advances - 25.24 (Avoid a much you can)
  • Penalty APR 27.24 based on market prime. Applicable when payments are returned or missed payment more than 2 cycles.

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