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American Express Charge Card Review 2015

American Express Charge Card Review 2015

Apart from offering Prepaid cards to consumers, the AMEX also offers Charge credit cards to customers worldwide. The Charge cards are same as Credit cards except the balance can't be rollover to next billing cycle. The account must be paid full when statement is issues to customer. The key thing is 'pay is full' by due date. Currently American Express is offering four types of charge credit cards: American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card, American Express Platinum Card, American Express Green Card, American Express Gold Card. Here is the review for each of these cards offered by AMEX.

American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card Review

American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card

  • $0 Intro Annual fee (Watch for fine prints)
  • Intro annual offer is for first year later ot starts from $175 upwards
  • No interest charges as long balance is paid full each month.
  • Foreign Transaction fees - 2.7% to each transaction after conversion to US dollar
  • Late payments and returned payments unto $38.

Other Premier Rewards Gold Card benefits

AMEX gives 25000 points if you spend $2000 within three months of issuing the card. Please note they consider card start date as the date when card was approved for customer. Use Charge card for booking flight s to get 3x points. Buying groceries and gas on card gets you 2x points and using card at stores gets you 1x points.Pleas read fine prints as terms and condition may change. Good for high flying travelers to earn points, pay part of ticket or whole against the earned points. Users of this card can benefit from the features such as no blackout dates or no seating restrictions.

American Express Charge Cards Vs Debit and Credit Cards
American Express
Premium Charge Cards
Control over financesVXV
No pre-set spending limitXXV
Complimentary Insurance BenefitsXXV
Loyalty ProgrammeXXV
Discounts on hotels & airfaresXXV
Complimentary Travel BenefitsXXV

The wide range of benefits available on an American Express Charge Card represent great value when compared to Debit and Credit cards (Source:

Read more and get educated on highlights, benefits and compare American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card.

American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card Review

Highlights, Benefits and Compare for AMEX Platinum Card

  • Annual Membership Fee $450
  • No Charge on foreign transactions
  • No interest charges as long balance is paid full each month.
  • 2.8% or $38 as late fee if balance is not paid in full by due date.
  • $200 Airline fee credit.
  • Airline lounge and other benefits.

Other Platinum Card Benefits

Credit card holders can earn 40000 points if they spend $3000 in first three months on Platinum card. The travel flexibility allows card users to book flights, reserve prime seats and other travel benefits by using points earned on card. The AMEX Platinum card also comes with no fees on foreign country purchases which basically turns you as local shopper. If you are a frequent flier tou can choose a airlines of your choice ad use AMEX $200 Airline credit to pay for airline incidental fees.

The beauty of this card is that you have access to American express travel program and access to airport lounges from CenturionSM, Delta Sky clubs, Airspace lounges and you have option of enrolling in priority pass which is free to Platinum card holders.

Apart from the travel benefits the card also provides hotel, car rental benefits. Platinum card holders get discounted rates on hotels , and rental cars.
For more detailed benefits, Visit AMEX Platinum Charge Card.

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