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American Express Serve Prepaid Card Review 2015

American Express Serve Prepaid Card Review 2015

This blog post gives information on American Express Serve Prepaid card reviews for year 2015. The Online Credit Card 101 blog has reviewed American express Prepaid card in details and main salient features are given below for card users. 

American Express Prepaid Card Review 2015

Here is the review of Prepaid cards from American Express. Please note Prepaid cards are just like Credit Cards which you can use at stores and at any business. The only difference is that on Charge cards you can't carry balance and all amount needs to be paid by due date.

American Express Serve Prepaid Card.

  • Free to Register online
  • Free Cash loads at more than 27000 locations
  • Free ATM withdrwals at 24000 locations
  • Free Online bill pay
  • American express Serve Prepaid card doesn't require Credit Check.
  • No requirement to keep minimum balance.
  • No Overdraft fee
  • Source: American Express

How American Express Serve Prepaid card works

The American Express reloadable Prepaid card is available not only at the American Express website but also available for purchase at stores like CVS/pharmacy®, Duane Reade, Family Dollar®, Fred's Super Dollar, Hy-Vee, OfficeMax, Office Depot, Sheetz, Walgreens, or Walmart®. Once you buy card from store the next step is to register on American Express website for an online account.

The next step is to setup Direct Deposit with your account, you can directly deposit salary check to your charge card or link your debit or checking account for ease of transferring money to Serve card. The ability to load cash into your account across 27000 locations and through 24000 ATM locations makes it attractive cards.

Who benefits from Prepaid Card

First time credit card users, Students and consumers with no credit history or low credit score. This Prepaid card helps you to build you credit history and bright your chances for credit offers.

Why to become American Express member

There are added benefits being a member of American Express, if you are using there any of cards. First you get 7/24 customer support service. Secondly there is protection plan against fraud or if you loose your card. Additionally you get many AMEX deals, coupons, on restaurants, airlines, events, sports etc. Lastly ability to get access to your card reports. All of your spending are budgeted in one report for you to analysis , how you have been spending and where you can save money etc.

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