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Source: Creditcards.com - Credit card glossary terms to know for first-time card users

Annual fee -- Some issuers charge an annual fee for use of a particular credit card ... (more)
Annual percentage rate (APR) -- This is the annual interest rate you will be charged if you carry balances on a card ... (more)
Card member agreement -- The card member agreement spells out a card's terms and conditions ... (more)
Charge-back -- A charge-back is a transaction returned through a credit card ... (more)
Credit line -- A credit line or limit is the amount of money the card issuer will let you borrow ... (more)
Credit score -- A credit score is a three-digit number summarizing how well a person has handled credit and debt ... (more
Credit report -- A credit report is a compilation of the credit history of an individual, from which a credit score is generated ... (more
Credit utilization ratio -- Your credit utilization ratio compares the amount borrowed to credit available ... (more
Due date -- The is the day your payment is due. After the due date, you may be assessed a late payment fee ... (more)
Finance charge -- A finance charge is the total cost of borrowing, including interest and fees ... (more)
Grace period -- The grace period is the time during which you are allowed to pay your bill without incurring a late fee ... (more)
Minimum finance charge -- This is the minimum amount of interest you will be charged if you don't pay the balance in full ... (more )
Minimum payment  -- The minimum payment is the lowest amount of money required to satisfy a current bill ... (more)
Over-the-limit fee -- This fee can be charged when your balance goes over your credit limit ... (more)
Schumer Box -- The Schumer Box is a standardized disclosure "box" disclosing terms and interest rates ... (more)
Secured credit cards -- Secured credit cards are those that require collateral that will serve as your credit line ... (more)
Terms and conditions -- This is the document that outlines the rules that apply to a specific card ... (more)
Unsecured credit cards -- Unsecured credit cards are the most common type of card and don't require a deposit ... (more)
Variable interest rate -- With variable-rate cards, your APR can change with the prime rate ... (more)

SOURCE:- Read more: http://www.creditcards.com/credit-card-news/credit-card-glossary-terms-first-credit-card.php#ixzz3Lvr7XNHV

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