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The reviews I am doing for keywords are Credit Cards, Credit Repair, Credit Score and Credit Reports. For all of these keywords I am going to review each company which comes in first 10 searches of Google. The reason I want to focus on these companies is those are the web kinks consumers will click most. Let's be true to our self, how many times do web users go to page 5, 9, 11, 21 on Google for any search term. We expect Google to be God and present our answers in first 10 search results.
Keeping that in mind I will focus on first 10 search results for the keywords I just mentioned. Let's go keyword by Keyword. On first keyword "credit cards" under search results I get few US banks, which I will ignore as they have been already reviewed hundreds of times. My special interest is in for two companies which are at first position and at 7th position. Keep it in mind these Google search results are only for North America and more so for America. Google does use localization to every user search by using geo location and preferences. - review for services, products and company facts

I want to start with the review of Company facts and the leadership involved in leading and then moving on to product and services it provides to consumers. How they handle customer services and on web how are there customers writing reviews about them. - Company history and fact sheet

Company history and fact sheet. - Company history, business partners and leadership involved

Type Description
Origin (Founded)  Startup year 2008
Industry  Financial software, Financial consumer service
Company status  Private
Headquarters(Address)  760 Market St, San Francisco, California
Product & Services  Credit Cards, Credit Score, Credit Reports(Compare, Deals, Reviews, and Credit Advise)
Investors  Google Capital, Tiger Global Management and Susquehanna Growth Equity
  • Angel Funding - $500k - Oct 15th, 2008
  • Series A Funding - 2.4 Million - Nov4th 2009 [FF AngelLLC, QED Investors, SV Angel, Founders Fund, Felicis Ventures
  • Series B Funding - 30 Million - Apr2 2013 [500 Startups, Susquehanna Growth Equity, Ribbit Capital, Felicis Ventures
  • Series C Funding - 85 Million - Mar 12th 2014 [Google Capital, Tiger Global Management, Susquehanna Growth Equity, Ribbit Capital
  • Series D Funding - 75 Million - Sep 29th 2014 [Susquehanna Growth Equity, Tiger Global Management, Google Capital
Leadership  Kenneth Lin (Founder and CEO)

Press Releases
Important Press Releases

Credit Karma Credit Cards by Credit Score range


What I liked about Credit Karma site is the easy navigation to find product and services and very open about the credit partner offers. Reviewing Credit Cards product service I found the opening page provides credit cards listed by Credit scores. The Credit Score tab is divided into five categories starting from new credit, poor credit, fair credit, good credit to excellent credit. I think this is really good format to list credit cards as consumers will be aware of their credit score and why and how credit card companies classify consumers creditworthy by credit score.

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