Credit Repair

Best approach to fix your Credit Repair

The fact you are looking ways to repair your Credit History tells me you have already missed payments to lenders or utility companies, you have defaulted on lenders or have missed mortgage payments or simply closing or have foreclosed the property.

The fact is none of these scenarios are happy events and you are going through a sea of troubles. A person who is going through a multiple issues often gets pulled into many directions and looses concentration, focus and at times sound judgment to make a decision.

Having said that consumers often are tricked by scammers and private companies charging a hell lot of money for fixing credit repair. The objective of this post is to educate blog readers where to look for help , what questions to ask and what is best approach to fix your Credit Repair.
Beware of the the ads you see in TV, online and newspapers. You get credit repair fliers in the email, mail, and phone calls offering free or cheap credit repair services. These companies make tall claims and some off them will make you deposit large amount upfront to start credit repair process.

Do it yourself - Credit repair : One thing to note that there is no quick fix to repair bad credit, it requires time, conscious effort, and commitment to repayment plan for debt management. This can be done either directly working with lenders and agreeing to payment plan and in return lenders will update your credit file with good comments. The other option is to go through legitimate debt consolidation or Credit repair company and working through their debt management plan. In either case it requires, time, commitment, and sticking to a plan.

Federal Trade Commission - FTC Consumer Information

The best place to start is FTC consumer page giving information on your consumer rights, how to approach credit bureaus, and lenders to dispute a transaction or information wrongly put on your credit file. Read more.

Credit Bureaus Credit Repair Information page

  • Experian credit repair information - Read more at Experian

  • Transunion credit repair information - Read more at Transunion

  • Equifax credit repair information - Read more

  • Fico credit repair information - Read more

  • The list of items which impact Credit report and requires a Credit repair

    Collections Late Payments Charge offs
    Liens Bankruptcies Repossessions
    Foreclosures Judgments Wrong information reported on your Credit Report


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