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How to get an Experian Credit Report and Credit Score

How to get an Experian credit report and Credit Score 

The Experian credit agency is one of three credit reporting agencies providing credit reports to consumers and selling credit information to lenders. By Federal law each credit agency is mandated to provide free credit report to consumers once a year. Based on federal law , the three credit bureaus (Transunion, Experian and Equifax) created one company Annual Credit Report to provide free credit reports to consumers.

In case your goal is to get free credit report and you haven't used free credit report option from AnnualCreditReport.com website, please visit Annual Credit Report.

Experian Credit Report Services and Products

The Experian is helping consumers with many credit report, monitoring and tracking services. Each service and product comes with different price model. Here is the brief note on each of these services.

  • Experian Credit Tracker:- service comes with credit report and credit score. The current deal is $1 for credit report and credit score, the catch is if account is not canceled within 7 days, then you will be billed for $14.95 each month that you continue membership. The additional services are instant online access to account, credit report and credit score. Access to information on credit risk , what factors push credit score up and down. In case you find errors in your report, you have access to dispute center to get those errors fixed.

  • Identity Theft Protection:- Unfortunately there too many Internet hackers out there preying on innocent people to steal their identity and use it for various means. Experian provides three credit bureau monitoring, ID scanning and fraud resolution apart from getting you free credit report and credit score. The cost is $15.99 per month. The additional benefits are daily Internet Scanning for unauthorized use of your SSN, debit and credit cards, "Early warning Surveillance Alerts", "Dedicated Identity Theft Resolution Agents", Lost/Stolen wallet protection that helps you replace your cards fast and more.

  • 3 Credit Bureau Reports and Credit Scores:- Access to three bureau credit reports and credit score form each of the three credit bureaus in one place. Information on Credit risk and factors which push up and down credit score. Access to online dispute center for error resolution. The cost is $39.99 for all three credit reports and credit scores.

  • For more information and details on each of these Experian product and way to get an Experian Credit Report and Credit Score, Visit Experian.

How to cancel Experian credit report

Sounds like cancelling Experian services or membership is two step process. You call first Experian, inform them you are cancelling either membership for of any of their service or cancelling account all together. Experian will verify your request and once your request is confirmed Experience will notify you when account or membership will be finally cancelled. I guess they are using double factor confirmation process to ensure no one is cancelling your services on your behalf.

Cancellation process for Experian membership and services

  • If you're a member of Triple Advantage® or Experian Credit TrackerSM and have questions about your subscription, you can call us at 1 877 284 7942 or email us at support@experiandirect.com.

  • If you're a member of ProtectMyID® and have questions about your subscription, you can call us at 1 866 960 6943 or email us at Support@ProtectMyID.com

  • Visit Experian and read more on cancelling Experian product and services.

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