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The Lexington Law Company Review - Credit Report Repair

Lexington Law Credit Repair Services

Honestly, looking at the ads, emails and mailers I receive for improving credit score or for credit repair services, I often smell scam out of it. There ads so good to be true, 100 points increase in 30 days, surety about improving credit score from bad to good in just few weeks.

However to be fair about the companies which are in credit repair business and are transparent about there work and promise they make to users, I plan to review few companies.

In my series of reviewing credit repair companies , today, I will be reviewing Lexington Law company for Credit repair services.

My review process will be based upon site design, site navigation, transparency on product services, BBB rating and details, on site customer reviews, complaints and comments on internet about their services.

Lexington Law Credit Repair Services - Company Review Company history, Product Services, Faqs, Contact Information, and Leadership involved

Type Description
Origin (Founded)  Year  1991
Industry  Consumer law Practice, Consumer Report Repair
Company status   Private
Headquarters(Address)  360 N Cutler Dr, North Salt Lake, UT 84054-2955
 State wise address:
Phone  (800) 341-8441
Fax (801) 297-2511
Lexington Services
  • Consumer Rights --- Child Custody --- General Litigation & Services
  • Bankruptcy --- Divorce --- Criminal Defense
  • Property & Water Rights --- DUI Defense --- Pro Bono (Select Cases)
  • Read more about Lexington Services
 Not available ( A group of attorneys working for firm)
How it Works   More information on there 4 step enrollment process
Newsroom  Lexington News
Credit Repair Plans  $99.95 to start, $59.95/$99 month after
Plan Cancellation  You can cancel plan at any time with no obligation
Accessing Credit Reports In order to access credit reports, Lexington Law requires you to provide them three credit bureau reports.
Service breakup
  • Step 1: Case Intake:- Access client credit reports. Verify and scan the relevant information which could help to improve credit score or repair bad credit. Set up user dashboard to upload documentation and monitor case progress
  • Step 2: Legal Response:- Attorneys and paralegal person attached to case will draft legal letters and those letters are sent to credit bureaus. 
  • Step 3: Credit Score Analysis:- Ways to improve score, a personalized report for clients.
  • Step 4: Follow up & Escalation:- Work on Credit bureau feedback and follow-up work. Phone, email support from customer care agents, and paralegals.
Navigation The site navigation can be made better not all links in footer.
Secure site I reviewed there internet site address, which starts with https, hence effort has been made to make this site as secure.
Account setup The initial deposite of $99.00 is required to setup the account.
Better Business Bureau(BBB) rating  B
BBB Review     Total of 563 tickets closed in 3 years. In last 12 months 209 tickets closed.  
Internet Reviews

Lexington Law Better Business Bureau Ratings

The Lexington Law firm is in credit repair business form last 20 years plus and has helped thousands of clients. The firm definitely is legitimate business and being a law firm does bring credibility to its business service. After reviewing BBB web page for Lexington Law company, The current rating is "B" and there are many customers reviews and complaints. Most of those current issues reported have been resolved. There is a commitment and resolve to respond to customers complaints and problems, looking at BBB rating page they have closed 563 complaints and tickets in last 3 years out of that 209 tickets have been closed in last 12 months. .

The major complaint I see on internet is after closing of a account customers still get charged and many of the customers have to replace their credit cards or debit cards. This is something to check and see if any system failure is causing this action. I expect Lexington Law firm to look into this and update there webpage with the changes they make in process.

More on Lexington Law

Being law professionals and well versed with legal requirements, Lexington Law is legitimate business and has proven tack record to fix credit report errors. However I recommended reading their 'how it works' page and understand there credit report process

I would like to add customer reviews on my blog, if you have used Lexington Law Credit Repair services , please do send me your experience or comment on my blog. Read more on Lexington Law Credit Repair services

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